GOAP Game (Prototype)


The "GOAP Game" (title pending) is a game that is to be paired with a series of articles about combinatorial algorithms, slated to be released in 2024.


You wake up and find that you have been kidnapped and transported into a small sealed room with stone walls and no windows. You have no paper, phones, or writing utensils. The instructions in front of you read: "You must visit EACH ROOM ONCE AND ONLY ONCE." You turn around and see three doors available to you. To your relief, each one is labelled. Choose a door to follow -- but beware not to visit the same room twice!

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Note: to be abundantly clear, I made this game for the express purpose of proving I am not stupid. It is not expected to be easy... until you know the "tricks." Visit the GOAP Hub for more hints & information, with varying levels of spoilers.

Image Credits

The door image is a photograph of Holy Trinity Church of Ireland, taken by Olliebailie. Licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).


The game is copyright (c) 2024 and is licensed under the Speak-to-me License. In order to view the source code, you must send an email to chozorho and receive written authorization. Redistribution is prohibited.

Thank you for showing that you care about pulling the author out of his state of perpetual isolation and loneliness.