Dialogue 5002: Lower Your Standards

The C++17 Standard

The following dialogue is a comparison of different C++ standards. It is a work-in-progress, but it originates from the same IRC discussion on July 4th, 2021.

| simplicio | I know there are numerous good books about modern C++ but I have not even *tried* C++20 yet. I'm still confused about C++14 and C++17...
| salviati | C++14 doesn't have many additions at all
| salviati | C++17 as well
| salviati | C++11's only real big conceptual change was rvalue references
| salviati | C++20's is concepts
| salviati | If you include library additions then there's a few significant ones for each revision
| salviati | C++17 added optional, variant and any which are pretty pervasively used
| simplicio | well, C++17 has optionals at the very least, but they aren't-
| simplicio | you beat me to it lol
| salviati | And C++20 added ranges to go along with concepts which was MASSIVE